Raw Meat, Courgette Flowers, Anchovies

Chef Andrea Antonini

Hotel Hassler – Imàgo Restaurant


For 4 people

Dressing Tartare
140 ml Soya
10  Tabasco drops
400 gr Ketchup
20 gr English mustard
150 gr E.V.O.
20 gr  Brandy
30 gr Worchester sauce

Anchovies Mayo
100 gr Milk
170 gr Grape seed oil
40 gr Anchovies
5 gr Anchovies Sauce
10 gr Lemon
3 gr Soya
Salt and Sugar.

Mozzarella di Bufala
0.2/100 gr di Xantana
Courgette Flowers
500 gr Datterino Tomatoes
350 gr Fassona Meat
Thyme, Laurel,Pepper and Dried Oregano.

Video Recipe




1. The ingredients.

Per prima cosa eliminare le lische dalle alici.

2. Remove the bones from the anchovies.

Pulire i fiori di zucca e inserirli in un sacchetto per sottovuoto senza sovrapporli; condirli con olio EVO e sale e sigillare il sacchetto.

3. Clean the courgette flowers and place them in a vacuum bag without overlapping them; season with extra virgin olive oil and salt and seal the bag.

Passare al vapore le lische delle alici e in un'altra pentola i fiori di zucca senza però toglierli dal sottovuoto.

4. Steam the anchovy bones and the courgette flowers in another pot without removing them from the vacuum.

Con l'aiuto di un po' di scottex asciugare l'olio in eccesso dai fiori di zucca e metterli ad essiccare.

With the help of a little paper towel dry the excess oil from the courgette flowers and put them to dry.

In un mixer aggiungere: latte, alici, spremuta di un limone, la colatura di alici, sale e zucchero, la salsa di soya e, emulsionare con l'olio vinacciolo

6. In a blender add: milk, anchovies, lemon juice, anchovy sauce, salt and sugar, soy sauce and emulsify with grape seed oil.

In un mixer aggiungere la mozzarella di bufala con la sua acqua e frullarla. Filtrare poi l’acqua restante in una super bag, aggiungere Xantana all’acqua di bufala ed emulsionare con l’olio vinacciolo.

7. In a mixer, add the buffalo mozzarella with its water and blend it. Then filter the remaining water into a super bag, add Xanthan to the buffalo water and emulsify with the grape seed oil.

Tagliare i pomodorini a metà e porli su una teglia da forno. Condire il tutto con alloro e timo e infornare. Una volta sfornati, mettere i pomodorini in un mixer, salarli e frullarli fino ad ottenere una salsetta.

8. Cut the tomatoes in half and place them on a baking sheet. Season everything with bay leaves and thyme and put in the oven.
Once out of the oven, put the tomatoes in a blender, add salt and blend them until you get a sauce.

Condire la Fassona con il dressing di pomodorini. Prendere i fiori di zucca e farcirli con la salsa di bufala e la carne. Sul piatto fare una base di emulsione di mozzarella, poggiare il fiore di zucca farcito, decorare con qualche cappero. Finire il piatto con il fiore cristallizzato e le lische soffiate.

9. Dress the Fassona with the cherry tomato dressing. Take the courgette flowers and stuff them with the buffalo sauce and the meat.
On the plate, make a base of mozzarella emulsion, place the stuffed pumpkin flower, decorate with some capers.
Finish the dish with the crystallized flower and the blown bones.

Bio dello Chef

Andrea Antonini, a young Roman chef who two springs ago made his entrance to the Hotel Hassler confirming the Michelin star at the Imàgo restaurant and conquering another important result: the 3 Forchette del Gambero Rosso.

After an apprenticeship in the most important kitchens in Europe such as those of Quique Dacosta and Celler De Can Roca (both 3 Michelin stars), the Italian experience always three-starred by Enrico Crippa, was called by Roberto Wirth in Rome and this is his return it attracted audiences and critics alike.

With an original and purely Italian concept of cuisine, which focuses on the best possible product and uniquely expressed cooking, his hand has convinced him to the point of reaching the Olympus of the best fine dining restaurants.

“A 13-year long story that binds me to Imàgo – says Roberto Wirth, owner and general manager of the Hotel Hassler – a place that I thought of and wanted as a stage for haute cuisine and that I am thrilled to have entrusted to the dedication of Andrea Antonini. I recognize in him the enthusiasm of a young chef and the judgment of those who work with their heads down to bring home the result. Every day the team works with tenacity and determination to carry on our idea of excellence. In particular, the splendid work of the dining and kitchen brigade of Imàgo, my restaurant with a breathtaking view of Rome, led by chef Antonini together with restaurant manager Marco Amato, was truly incredible “.

Typical products of Excellence


Cookies similar to tozzetti, diamond shaped, with a dark golden crust, made of flour type 00, honey, hazelnuts, orange peel cubes, almonds, olive oil, herbs. The Bussolani, so called for the consistency of the preparation that in the classic version is very tough, given the absence of yeast, are very enjoyable dipped in milk or with vin santo, but also on their own as a snack. They are found throughout the year but are typical of Christmas.

Production areas:
Genzano di Roma (RM)

Quality marks:

Pane Casareccio di Genzano PGI

Homemade bread made with high quality zero or double zero flour, natural yeast, salt, water, wheat bran without adding chemical or biological products. The cooking takes place in wood-fired ovens or other fed at a temperature such as to allow a compact growth and the formation of a 3 mm thick crust. The rind has the function of protecting the crumb inside and keeping it spongy and tender with holes or “alveoli” not too large and irregular. The cooking phase has a variable duration depending on the type of size and can range from 35 minutes to about an hour and twenty. The scent and fragrance of this bread can be attributed to the use of sour yeast and the quantity / variety of cereals used. The natural yeast, that is the dough of the previous processing, made acidify, is rich in live enzymes that favor the preservation of the bread for several days.

Production areas:
Genzano di Roma (RM)

Quality marks:

Marrone di Cave

The fruit is medium – large, brown in color with raised and dark stripes, reddish inner film not very adherent to the seed, pulp of sweet taste and delicate. The chestnuts are subjected to “curing” in wooden vats, by immersing the fruits in water at room temperature for 4 – 5 days. During the preservation takes place a modification of the content in carbohydrates which improves the flavor, as well as destroying insects e fungal spores. At the end of the submersion, the selection takes place brown, with the dripping and drying phase through fruit plantation for 3 – 4 days. Then follows the brushing and the sorting, preliminary to packing in plastic net bags.

Production areas: :
Cave (RM), Rocca di Cave (RM)

Quality marks: :

Fragolina di Nemi

It belongs to the species fragaria vesca var. semperflorens (strawberry of forest of European origin). The primary and secondary fruits have shape elongated and fusiform, sometimes conical rounded, are in size rather small. Surface colour of the bright red fruit; colour of the whitish pulp often tinged with red when fully ripe. The flavor is moderately sweet and moderately acidulous. Aroma a lot intense.

Production areas:
Nemi (RM)

Quality marks:

Cacio di Genazzano

Cacio di Genazzano is a semi-cooked pecorino cheese, as the curd undergoes heating from 41 ° to 43 ° C, with a thin crust straw yellow in color, whitish internal paste with small holes. The flavor is quite intense and slightly salty. Such cheese is obtained from the processing of raw milk from Comisana, Sarda, Massese sheep and related breeds. The drying takes place on wooden boards for about 1 month with possible treatments (massages) with oil, once a month, or with water, or surface scraping with a knife; the maturation, in a wooden “cupboard” or “archoncino” (large chest), takes place for 3 months, for the table cheese, or for 5-6 months, for the grated cheese.

Production areas:
Genazzano (RM)

Quality marks:

Tordo Matto di Zagarolo

Horse meat roll from Lazio and / or Tuscan Maremma horses (generally raised locally), flavored and stuffed internally with pork lard, coriander, parsley, sage, fresh garlic, salt and ground chilli.

Production areas:
Albano Laziale (RM), Capranica Prenestina (RM), Castel San Pietro Romano (RM), Gallicano nel Lazio (RM), Genazzano (RM), Olevano Romano (RM), Palestrina (RM), Rocca di Cave (RM), San Vito Romano (RM), Zagarolo (RM), San Cesareo (RM)

Quality marks:

Salame "Castellino"

Very lean pure pork salami produced without the addition of lactose which is characterized by the grinding of the medium-grain dough great. The lean part comes from the pork shoulder, while the fat from bacon. The flavor is savory, tasty and flavored thanks the seasoning with sea salt and the use of spices such as cinnamon, pepper and garlic.

Production areas:
Frascati (RM)

Quality marks:

Porchetta di Ariccia PGI

Porchetta di Ariccia is prepared with female pigs from selected national breeds and / or Landrace, Large White, Pietrain breeds and respective hybrids, bred in Italy and / or in EU countries. The slice is compact and homogeneous, with the fat part well separated from the lean one. The outer crust has a crunchy consistency, golden color and savory taste. Pork flavor flavored with rosemary, garlic and black pepper.

Production areas:
Ariccia (RM)

Quality marks:

Coppiette (horse, pig, cattle)

Lean pork, bovine and equine meat, dried and flavored with chilli, fennel seeds, garlic, rosemary and white wine. The product has the characteristic irregular shape with more or less large strips and a bright red to dark brown color..

Production areas:
Tarano (RI), Albano Laziale (RM), Frascati (RM), Genzano di Roma (RM), Marcellina (RM), Monterotondo (RM), Guarcino (FR), Acquapendente (VT), Viterbo (VT), Intera Regione Lazio

Quality marks:

Carciofo Romanesco

IThe Roman artichoke has an ashy green colour, is spherical, compact with a characteristic hole at the apex. The artichoke was well known since antiquity for its high organoleptic and therapeutic features, of which Galeno, Strabone, Plinio and Varrone write about. According to Columella, a Roman agronomist of the first century AC, the land destined to the artichoke plants used to be covered with ashes; from here, the scientific name of “Cynara scolymus”.

Production areas:
Allumiere (RM), Cerveteri (RM), Civitavecchia (RM), Santa Marinella (RM), Tolfa (RM), Lariano (RM), Ladispoli (RM), Fiumicino (RM), Pontinia (LT), Priverno (LT), Sermoneta (LT), Canino (VT), Montalto di Castro (VT), Tarquinia (VT)

Quality marks:

Zucchina con il fiore

The cultivars used for the production of the zucchini with the flower are attributable to the types of zucchini: white, black and romanesco. The cylindrical to slightly club-shaped fruit (White type) or irregular polygonal, tending towards cylindrical (Black type) or cylindrical with very pronounced ribs (Romanesque type), the color can vary from light green with more intense streaks to dark green. The flower, yellow tending to lobster, is synonymous with freshness and wholesomeness of the product, which is its main and unique feature compared to other products. The flavor varies from sweetish to herbaceous a depending on the type; the dough is soft.

Production areas:
Fara in Sabina (RI), Velletri (RM), Ladispoli (RM), Fondi (LT), Sperlonga (LT), Cassino (FR)

Quality marks:

Broccolo Romanesco

Present on the market from mid-October to late March, with autumn, autumn-winter, spring growing cycles, the Broccolo Romanesco presents a vigorous plant, upright, with a bluish-green foliage color, good resistance to moths and mildew, deep green color and pyramidal form.

Production areas:

Fara in Sabina (RI), Roma (RM), Velletri (RM), Ladispoli (RM), Sezze (LT), Cassino (FR)

Quality marks:

Biscotti e Ciambelle all'uovo

Round or donut-shaped biscuits, made with type 00 flour, sugar, whole eggs, butter, margarine, whole or semi-skimmed milk, baking powder and sodium bicarbonate, natural yeast produced by the company.

Production areas:
Capranica Prenestina (RM), Genzano di Roma (RM)

Quality marks:

Selection of Manufacturing Companies

Leoni Randolfo

Cured meat factory

Category: Fresh meats and their preparations

Main product: Porchetta of Ariccia, salumi

Office: : Via della Palombara 14 – 00072 Ariccia (Rome) – info@porchettaigp.eu

Web Site: leonifood.com


Cured meat factory

Category: Fresh meats and their preparations

Main products: salumi

Office: Via Grotte Portella, 9 – 00044 Frascati (RM)- Tel. 06 9409485 – info@castellisalumi.it

Web Site: castellisalumi.com

Forno Fiasco

Bakery and biscuit factory founded in 1967.

Category: Fresh pasta, pastry and bakery products

Main products: Giglietti di Palestrina (Slow Food Presidium)

Office: Borgo San Pietro 1 – 00030 Castel San Pietro Romano (RM) – Tel. 069534018 – Rif. Laura Fiasco – info@fornofiasco.it

Web Site: fornofiasco.it

Il Norcino Bernabei

Norcineria founded in 1912.

Category: Carni fresche e loro preparazioni

Main products: Porchetta, guanciale, loin

Office: Corso Vittoria Colonna, 13 – 00047 Marino RM – Tel. 06 938 7897 – Rif. Vitaliano Bernabei – info@il-norcino.it

Web Site: il-norcino.it

Forno Ceralli

Bakery and biscuit factory founded in 1920.

Category: Fresh pasta, pastry and bakery products

Main products: Pupazza frascatana, ciambelle al vino, bread, pizza, biscuits, traditional sweets

Office: Piazza Bambocci, 15 – 00044 Frascati RM – Tel. 06 942 0439 – Rif. Francesco Ceralli – forno@ceralli.it

Web Site: ceralli.it

Meraviglie in Pasta

Laboratory of fresh pasta

Category: Fresh pasta, pastry and bakery products

Main products: Ravioli al tordomatto, fettuccine

Office: Corso Vittorio Emauele II, 101 – 00039 Zagarolo – Tel. 06 958 7448 – Rif. Angela Fiorini – info@meraviglieinpasta.it

Web Site: meraviglieinpasta.it

Erba Regina - Società Agricola Profumi Nascosti

Farm and farmhouse.Production and processing of fresh spontaneous, aromatic and officinal herbs.

Category: Natural or processed plant products

Main products: Dried herbs, essential oils, oleolites, scented waters, syrups, flavored jams

Office: Vicolo di Colle Reti – 00044 Frascati RM – Tel. 06 946 4538 – Rif. Regina Bortolato- info@erbaregina.it

Web Site: countryhouseerbaregina.com

Azienda Agricola Bessi


Category: Natural or processed plant products

Main products: Fragolina di Nemi, fruit, vegetables, honey, truffle

Office: Via dei Laghi 150 – 00049 Nemi – tel. – info@agriturismobessi.it

Orto Giobbi


Category: Natural or processed plant products

Main products: Roman broccoli, broccoli, artichokes, fennel, carrots

Office: Via di Vallericcia 12 – 00040 Ariccia – Tel 3283765241 – info@ortodigiobbi.it

Web Site: ortodigiobbi.com

Villa Simone

Wine company

Category: Wine

Main products: Frascati Superiore DOCG, Cannellino di Frascati, Ferro e Seta PGI Lazio

Office: Via Frascati, 29 – 00040 Monte Porzio Catone RM – Tel. 06 944 9717 – Rif. Fulvia Stebellini – info@villasimone.it

Web Site: villasimone.it

Azienda Agricola l’Olivella

Wine company

Category: Wine

Main products: Frascati DOCG, Cesanese

Office: Via Colle Pisano, 5 – 00040 Frascati (RM) – Tel. 06 94.25.656 – Rif. Damian Notarnicola – info@olivella.it

Web Site: olivella.it

Cantina De Sanctis

Wine company

Category: Wine

Main products: Frascati DOCG superiore, Cannellino di Frascati DOCG, Frascati DOC

Office: Via Pietraporzia, 50 – 00044 Frascati – Tel. 340-3962771 – info@frascati-wine.com

Web Site: pellegrinispa.net

Azienda Vinicola Federici

Wine company

Category: Wine

Main products: Roma DOC, Lazio PGI

Office: Via S. Apollaria Vecchia, 30 – Zagarolo (RM) – Tel. 06.95461022 – info@vinifederici.com

Web Site: vinifederici.it

Poggio le Volpi

Wine company

Category: Wine

Main products: Roma DOC, Cannellino, EPOS, Donna Luce

Office: Via Fontana Candida, 3/c – 00078 Monte Porzio Catone – Tel. 0694.26.980 – info@poggiolevolpi.com

Web Site: poggiolevolpi.com

Gotto d’Oro

Wine company

Category: Wine

Main products: Cesanese del Piglio DOCG, Frascati DOC, Roma DOC, Viognier PGI Lazio, Sauvignon PGI Lazio

Office: Via Divino Amore, 347 – 00040 Marino RM – Tel. 0693022228 – commerciale@gottodoro.it

Web Site gottodoro.com

Casale Mattia

Wine company

Category: Wine

Main products: Frascati superiore docg, Merlot PGI lazio, Frascati Doc, Spumante DOC Frascati

Office: Via XX Settembre, 48 – 00044 Frascati RM – Tel. 06.9426249 – info@casalemattia.it

Web Site: casalemattia.it

The Recipes


Litorale Romano

For “litorale Romano” means the stretch of coast that gives Civitavecchia comes up toNettuno
For to the geographical nature of the area of ​​great interest are the fish products among which we remember the
tellina (Slow Food Presidium), whose fishing interests the coastal stretch that gives Passo Scuro comes up to Anzio.

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Complesso lacuale di Bracciano e Monti Sabatini

With “Complesso lacuale di Bracciano e Monti Sabatini” it refers to the geographical area that extends around the lake of Bracciano.

The peculiarity of the area is certainly the lake fish. There are two species par excellence associated with Lake Bracciano: thecoregone and the lattarino.

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Castelli Romani e Monti Prenestini

The territory of the Castelli Romani and Monti Prenestini extends south of Rome and is included in the geographical areas identified as the Castelli Romani Park and the mountain community of the Castelli Romani and Monti Prenestini.

In this area there are numerous typical and traditional productions, many of which are certified with a Community or national quality mark.

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Monti Lepini

The territory of the Monti Lepini falling within the province of Rome affects the municipalities that from Artena continue southwards to Carpineto. It boasts numerous known productions that mainly derive from the breeding of the black pig of the Monti Lepini.

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Valle dell’Aniene

The territory of the Valle delle Aniene is attributable to the municipalities belonging to the mountain community of the same name, which extend from the peaks of the Simbruini and Lucretili Mountains to the plains adjacent to the Aniene.
Renowned for the production of legumes, it boasts a consistent number of bean species recognized as typical.

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Roma e Valle del Tevere

By ‘Valle del Tevere’ we mean a large area that extends from the border with the Sabina to the south east of Rome where it borders the Valle dell’Aniene and the Castelli Romani and Monti Prenestini. In particular, in the north east of Rome, we find a very large oil production, which can also be found in the province of Rieti.

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Intera area metropolitana di Roma

The typical products and excellences found throughout the province of Rome.

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